/Special Report Shows Amazon Partnered With Chinese Propaganda Arm

Special Report Shows Amazon Partnered With Chinese Propaganda Arm

A special report published by Reuters on Friday showed that Amazon partnered with Chinese propaganda arm.

According to reports from people familiar with the incident, President Xi Jinping’s speeches and writings were marketed on Amazon’s Chinese website about two years ago, when Beijing delivered an edict.

After a negative review of Xi Jinping’s book, Amazon was prompted to stop allowing any reviews or customer ratings as a whole in China. It was also reported that Amazon had problems obtaining licenses to sell e-books in China. 

The books include many apolitical titles, such as Chinese language textbooks, cookbooks and children’s bedtime stories. But they also have labels that amplify the Communist Party’s official line.

However, Amazon has been met with criticism for strictly obeying the Chinese Communist Party’s demands. Moreover, Amazon was also found to partner with the state propaganda arm to sell books.

The state-owned firm that partners with Amazon on China books, China International Book Trading Corp, or CIBTC, told Reuters that the venture is a “commercial relationship between two enterprises.” China’s National Press and Publication Administration, or NPPA, the state propaganda arm Amazon has had a partnership with, had no comment.