/Iran Launches 16 Rockets As a Warning to Israel As Israel Prepares For a Potential Strike on Iran

Iran Launches 16 Rockets As a Warning to Israel As Israel Prepares For a Potential Strike on Iran

As tensions mount over Israel and Iran, Iran has launched 16 missiles proclaimed capable of hitting Israel during a military exercise undertaken by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards earlier this week.

The chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami warned, “We will cut off their hands. The message of this exercise is a serious and real warning to the threats of the Zionist regime officials.” The warning comes as tensions between Israel and Iran keep mounting during the Vienna talks to reinstate the Iran nuclear deal, which Israel sees as a danger.

Israel has also started to arm up for a potential strike on Iran. Israel purchased precision missiles and classified bombs for the IAF a few months ago from the United States, costing an estimated $1 Billion.

Earlier this week, Israel’s incoming Air Force chief said that Israel could strike Iran’s nuclear sites as early as “tomorrow.” In an interview, IDF Maj.-Gen. Tomer Bar said, “I have to assume it will happen in my time, and my shoulders already understand the weight of the responsibility, there is no way that we will operate there, one thousand kilometres from here, and I will return home without being able to say ‘I completed the mission.'”

On Tuesday, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan also landed in Israel to further discuss the recent developments about Iran with Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

With the Iranian rockets launched earlier, tensions have heightened even more amid Salami’s comments about Israel. A massive IDF drill mimicking a strike on Iran is also reportedly planned for next year. However, It is unclear whether or not Israel might consider striking Iran with the talks in Vienna underway about reinstating the Iran nuclear deal.